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Wyliecat: Sailing In The Right Direction
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Wyliecat, founded in 1994, designs and builds custom high tech composite sailing yachts ranging 17' to 66'. New to the model line up is the durable and efficient center console utility, the Wylie Skiff.

The Wyliecat was conceived with the premise that performance sailing doesn't need to be complicated to be fast and fun. Combining state-of-the-art Composite Construction with the time-proven cat rig, the Wyliecat's performance needs to be experienced to be believed.


Sailing World Magazine Boat of the Year
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Wylie Skiff
Demo of the Wylie Skiff 18
Wyliecat 65, the Next Generation Motorsailer and Research Vessel
Wyliecat 65 Video
Wyliecat 44 Video
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