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  Wylicat 30

The Wyliecat 30 was conceived with
the premise that performance sailing doesn't need to be complicated to be fast and fun. Combining state-of-the-art technology with the time-proven cat rig, the Wyliecat's performance needs to be experienced to be believed. Imagine yourself racing through a fleet of boats much larger, while enjoying comfort, speed and ease of handling. The designs high ballast ratio and exceptional form stability make them a joy to sail in any wind condition.

The 46-foot carbon-fiber mast was designed to bend, allowing the top of the sail to "depower" as the wind increases. The result is a simple and effective self-reefing system...and a boat that anyone can sail!

American Bureau of Shipping

The Wyliecat 30 is engineered and constructed according to American Bureau of Shipping specifications.


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30' 5" ft
LWL: 25'
Beam: 9' 5" ft
Draft: 5' 3" ft
Displacement: 5500 lbs
Ballast: 3050 lbs
100% SA: 400 sqft
Actual SA
(including roach & luff round):
530 sq ft
Actual SA (w/ roach & Luff round) - light air model: 590 sq ft
Luff (P) 40' ft
Foot (E) 20' 8" ft
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