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  Wylicat 18

Wylie Skiff’s Carbon Fiber and Vinylester Resin Construction provides you with leading edge strength at about half the weight of similar craft resulting in unsurpassed fuel efficiency.

Construction with a design only possible with composite materials and available in 18-21 feet, the Wylie Skiff is able to run efficiently with either light or heavier horsepower.

With a touch of a button, the Skiff’s Water Ballasting System creates a solid and stable working platform for recreation or commercial applications.

An innovative use of integrated sponsons and aggressive spray knockers result in an efficient design in both calm and rougher conditions.

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Overall Length:

Beam: 6'8"
Dry Weight : 1000 lbs.
Draft (engine up): 11"
Maximum power at prop: 75 HP
Transom Height: 20"
Deadrise: 16"
Fuel Capacity: 18 gal.
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