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The Wyliecat 48 was designed to be a true bluewater yacht, able to travel the oceans of the world quickly and efficiently and without complication. And because of its easily-handled sail plan, it is also a joy on shorter outings, whether racing in regattas or simply daysailing. The Wyliecat 48 can easily be handled in all conditions with a crew of only 2 or 3, or even safely single-handed. Try that with a conventional performance sailboat of this size.

Unlike other yachts of this size, the Wyliecat 48 maximizes the fun and minimizes the labor involved in sailing. Setting up the boat for a sail takes only minutes. There is no headsail to deal with, no jib sheets to deal with. Putting away the boat once back at the dock is also quick and easy. Just release the halyard and the lazy-jacks catch the sail, neatly self-flaking it.

And once underway the Wyliecat rewards you with outstanding performance. The easily driven hull and long waterline allow the Wyliecat 48 to achieve up to 250 mile per day passages.

The Wyliecat 48's low center of gravity, with a deep lead bulb keel, and a lightweight carbon rig (100% carbon mast and boom) provides excellent stability. This means you can carry carrying more sail area with less heeling.


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47' 6" ft
LWL: 40' ft
Beam: 13' ft
Displacement: 14,500 lbs
Ballast: 6536 lbs
100% SA: 977 sq ft
Actual SA
(including roach & luff round):
1295 sq ft
Luff (P) 62' ft
Foot (E) 31' 10" ft

American Bureau of Shipping
The Wyliecat 48 is engineered and constructed according to American Bureau of Shipping specifications.

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